Best Dehumidifiers for Gun Safe

What if on a sunny afternoon you are sleeping at your place alone & you feel that someone is trying to break your door. What is the first step that should be taken by you? Of course, you would first call up the cops and neighbors but then what, then definitely you need to think about your safety with which you can self defend yourself.

Keeping a gun can help you but there are a lot of things associated with it which you need to think about. And people often keep a licensed gun in their house for safety purposes as there are chances of theft and other threats. But since guns are made up of metal, it requires extra care to prevent rusting. And for that, getting the best gun-safe dehumidifier is the best thing. If the gun safe dehumidifier is a new term for you, the next section of the article will help you to know more about it. Furthermore, we have prepared a list of some best-in-class gun-safe dehumidifiers which you should check out.

What is a gun-safe dehumidifier?

Iron rusts when there is too much moisture in the air and too much humidity in the environment. This corrosive activity will impair the performance of your guns and shorten their lifespan. So, to preserve your weapons from harm to rust and humidity, you need to invest in the greatest dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers for gun safes can ensure that rust does not form on your firearms. Various dehumidifiers, each with a unique set of functions, are available. Electric mini dehumidifiers, canister dehumidifiers, and other types of dehumidifiers can be used in a gun safe or closet to remove moisture. Find out more about the top gun-safe dehumidifiers on the market, as well as the varied sizes and functionalities of gun safes with dehumidifiers.

What are the types of Dehumidifiers for Gun safes?

  1. Electric Dehumidifier

Electrical dehumidifiers can’t be termed as “true dehumidifiers” as they don’t attract moisture from the air, instead they are used by heating and circulating air. This warm cyclic air helps prevent moisture from building on your gun’s inner walls. Because when hot air is rising, your secure spot would be excellent for them on the ground. When the hotter air gets to the top of your safe, the air cools down a bit. This colder, heavier air sinks Snap safe to the dehumidifier’s bottom. And again the cycle begins. A great worry that some individuals have is that heated components like ammunition are fitted in with a heating element. The electric rods do not almost have enough heat up to cause any combustion.

  1. Desiccant Dehumidifier

They differ greatly from their electrical equivalents. It works with unique humidity absorbing crystals, which draw the humidity from the air. The crystals function like little sponges and are generally colored if they absorb everything they can. This will let you know whether your crystals need to be recharged. Loading can happen in either direction. The dehumidifier can first be plugged in a wall socket that warms up the crystals and enables moisture to evaporate. The second technique is considerably more efficient when this works. The next procedure is to place the whole dehumidifier for a brief time inside a preheated oven. This surely works far better to reload the crystals and to a certain extent. The only problem we see with this dehumidifier is that it takes much time to recharge as compared to others which you just need to plugin and need not worry about.

It is highly necessary to invest in a dehumidifier for your safety if you don’t want your weapons, ammo, or other accessories exposed to rust. To do this, we have provided evaluations of the finest safe dehumidifiers and information to assist you to figure out the ideal model for your needs.

List of 5 Best Dehumidifiers for Gun Safe

  1. Honati Home Dehumidifier

 Honati dehumidifier is perfect for your gun safes, basement, bathroom, bedroom, crawl space, baby-room, kitchen, storage rooms, laundry rooms, garage, office, caravan, RV, sheds. The dehumidifiers were designed to remove excess moisture from the air accurately and successfully. It is fast and very efficient. A 67 oz water tank is provided by the dehumidifier. When full, it auto offs & LED glows. Noise below 39dB.

Specifications:- Material: Safe ABS plastic; Working capacity: 750ML/D (86?, 80 percent RH); Size: 14,65 x 8,98 x 5,9 inches; Weight: 5,59lb; Water tank: 67.6oz (2000ml); Power cable length: 59 inch (150cm); Low noise: (269 sq.ft).

Main Features:

  • High Efficiency: This 2000ml domestic dehumidifier can remove up to 750ml (86°F) of humidity per day in small areas from the air rapidly and efficiently (100-269 sq. ft). Keeps your house quieter and more comfortable.
  • Extremely quiet: This sophisticated technologically driven, no-compressor electric dehumidifier remains silent while you work. Noise lower than 39dB, without irritating sound, provides calm conditions when you sleep or relax.
  • Auto Shut Off: This automatic feature avoids overflow or floods. When the water tank is complete, this tiny dehumidifier is shut and the lead indicator turns yellow. Empty the water tank of the dehumidifier and return it to the energy-saving mode.
  • Energy Saver: It’s a low energy consumption dehumidifier that doesn’t waste electricity. It’s the perfect option for moisture absorption from your basement, bathroom, bed and breakfast area, kitchen, hot tub, trailer & caravan.
  • Portable & Small: It’s a mini (8.98 x 5.9 x 14.65 inches) and lightweight portable Dehumidifier (5.64 lb). The dehumidifier may be simply moved to any area you desire. The optimum working temperature is 59-86°F, like other compact dehumidifiers. Use less than 41°F is not advised.


  • Perfect for tiny areas
  • No assembly required
  • Very portable
  • The wide size of the tank


  • Too bright LED light
  • Faint noise while operation
  1. LOCKDOWN GoldenRod Dehumidifier Rod

The GoldenRod Dehumidifier Rod is intended to manage humidity from the inside of your safe, cabinet, or locker and protects it from rust by producing low heat, which can prevent air moisture too. It is supplied with quick installation brackets. All GoldenRod GunSafe dehumidifiers include a removable connector to facilitate installation. This type has a six feet cable power supply and must be horizontally placed to operate effectively on the lower part of an enclosure. Listed in UL.

Specifications: – Duration: 24″; Cubic Feet Protection: 300; Tension: 110; watt: 25 watts; Strength of the power cord: 6 ft.; Diameter of the pipe: 890″; Heating element: TungstenLockdown Lightweight Alloy Original Goldenrod Dehumidifier.

Main Features:

  • Specifications: 36″ l, 110-120 volt ac plug, 6-foot wire, up to 500 cubic feet of protection, life-long guarantee, and use
  • Ease of use: The rod has attachable legs for placing and a cord with a fast plug-on connection so that the line may be run through and then connected into the rear of the safety.
  • Non-destructive: Eliminates air moisture in the gun safe for rust prevention.
  • Authentic: Safeguards your guns in the smaller, less utilizable, safe regions
  • Modifications: Available in versions of 12″,” 18″, 24″ and 36″.


  • Different sizes available
  • Quiet mechanism
  • Has distinctive mechanism
  • Lifetime Warranty For Limited Period
  • No overheating issues


  • Always needs power
  • Can’t be roof-mounted
  1. Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier

The Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier is perhaps the most fantastic and contemporary dehumidification on our list. Nevertheless, it’s pocket-friendly too. This elegant dehumidifier is available in two pieces consisting of a Base heater & a Silica gel tower.  If you have a power outlet, you may opt to utilize it with the base into the safe. Alternatively, the tower can only be used by plugging it outside. The tower will endure around 1 to 3 weeks depending on the type of your safe. The base heater can then be recharged. If you opt to keep the whole system in your locker, it will automatically work.

Specifications:- Dimensions: 8.19 x 7.72 x 4.69 inches; Weight: 2.53 pounds; ASIN: B08Z7LM3WY; Model number: TOP-Z; Color: 1+1; Capacity: 100 Milliliters; Mode of Operation: Continuous; Higher Temperature Rating: 30 Degrees Celsius

         Main Features:

  • Eco-friendly: Dehumidifies solely with the minimal energy usage of 50W for the heated base without any battery or power. Near children and animals, it is safe to use. There is no concern about the water tank tilting or overflow.
  • Renewable: Dehumidification by physical use, no reverse osmosis or water build-up. When silica beads change their color from orange to dark green then to reuse it just place it on the PTC heating base for 2 hours.  The heating base automatically switches off when heating is done so that overload does not occur. NOTE: AC100-120V 50/60Hz typical American plug.
  • 360° Circular: The cylinder shape improves moisture absorption area by the cordless dehumidifier and makes humidity absorption more efficient due to the 360° circular air inlet design.
  • Portable & Mini: It dehumidifies up to 54 sq. ft (86°F, 80 percent RH), and removes up to 4 oz/100 mL moisture. For its small design, it easily fits into bathrooms, wardrobes, gun safes, bookshelf, gym bags, vehicles, boats, etc.
  • Nontoxic: Safe silica gel beads absorb air humidity and dampness efficiently. The usage state can be viewed at any time through the top glass of the small dehumidifier, which is useful to remind the dehumidifier to be renewed in time.


  • Light Weight
  • Very effective for small areas
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Can be reused endlessly


  • Lint may appear on the outer layer of cloth
  • Not much effective for large areas
  1. Snapsafe Safe Dehumidifier

SnapSafe Safe Dehumidifier is perfect since it contains a single 57 cubic feet canister. So, if you’ve got a bigger gun, you have to buy extra according to the safety size of your weapon. The small design of this gun safe dehumidifier lets you put it inside the safe. It’s free of batteries. It comprises silica gel beads that protect your goods against rust. On top of the canister, the blue indicator turns pink, indicating that the device needs to be recharged. Because the canister sucks in all moisture, it can acquire rust, which might be deceptive, after some months of usage. However, a grill-cleaning brush may be used to clean it.

Specifications:- Dimensions: ‎9 x 8 x 6 inches; 2 Pounds; 5-inch diameter cylinder; ASIN: B06XQ75GW9; Canister size: 57 cubic feet; Weight: 2 Pounds

           Main Features:

  • Compact: It is 4′′ high and has a 5′′ long diameter, which allows you to put it in the safe and allows us to put it in the oven for charging.
  • Longevity: Unlimited charges guarantee a lifespan and also include a lifetime warranty on material faults and manufacturing.
  • Easy to use: No necessary for using batteries. A system with a built-in signal to alert users for the requirement of charging the device.
  • Effective: Prevents moisture formed in isolated locations such as gun safes, cabinets, and closets which can create corrosion and mildew.


  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rechargeable


  • Need to be recharged many times.
  • Not suitable for big gun safes.
  1. Hornady Reusable Gun Safe Dehumidifier

The Hornady Reusable Gun Safe Dehumidifier is loaded with dehumidifying crystals to absorb moisture from your safe, shelf, toolbox, or other enclosed space. When crystals are filled with humidity, they become pink. In a normal oven, the dehumidifier may be recharged infinite times.

Specifications:- Dimensions: 4″ x 5.3″ x 4.8″; Desiccant: 750g & 1500g; Effective Volume: 50 cubic feet; Weight: 2.1 & 2.5 pounds; ASIN: B0916H7GQY; Volume: 50 cubic feet

         Main Features:

  • Ready-to-use: It is a safe dehumidifier without any batteries or power supply. It recharges effortlessly for unlimited usage in a heated oven.
  • Effective Humidity Indicator: excellent moisture absorbers for safes that change color from blue to rose crystals, when each desiccant dehumidifier unit is discharged & signals us to charge it. Just recharge each canister in a 300-degree F oven until the silica gel box glows blue (up to 4 hours).
  • Very Effective: Portable silica gel dehumidifier attracts extra moisture from its surroundings. This dehumidifier from Hornady is essential to preserve your gun’s general shape and condition.
  • Gun Safe Lifestyle Accessory: Further safeguards and preserves your guns as kept with the effective dehumidifier. Optimum for every area, including gun safes, armed lockers, rifle safe, hard case, arms bags, wardrobes, automobiles, railroad carriages, boats, and many more.


  • Presence of color-changing crystals
  • Unlimited capacity for charging


  • Smaller dehumidification area
  • Oven recharges might get tiresome


  1. Do dehumidifiers work in gun safes?

Yes, dehumidifiers do function in gun safes, and some of them operate by allowing heated air to flow in the safe, eliminating any kind of condensation or humidity.

  1. Where do you put a dehumidifier in a gun safe?

It is recommended to set your dehumidifier on the floor of the gun safe to dehumidify. The dehumidifier’s goal is to absorb moisture inside the safe. You should expose a device between the weapons beneath the racks if you have a larger firearm safe.

  1. Is it safe to run a dehumidifier constantly all the time?

No, the dehumidifier does not have to run continuously. It is usually sufficient to run the device at or above a humidity rate of 50%. A rule of thumb needs should be followed to keep the humidity level between 30% to 50%.

  1. What is the ideal humidity for gun storage?

According to the NRA, the optimum storage condition is between 30 and 50 percent moisture at 70 degrees ambient temperature. You could experience problems with your arms stocks if the air is more than 20% dryer.

The Verdict

I hope you’re better aware of what you’re best at dehumidifying. Whatever safe dehumidifier you choose to use, you will be more than happy with your selection. There are fantastic advantages to all the safe choices listed here.

Go for the LOCKDOWN GoldenRod Dehumidifier Rod if you are still unclear which one to select. Unless you don’t take it to be wall-mounted it’s the best option you can choose. Its quiet mechanism, lifetime warranty feature makes us more inclined towards this product. Do not be afraid to mix and combine alternatives for people who still have issues with safe moisture. Some folks had little results until they tried many methods at a time.

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