5 Best Whole House Dehumidifiers

Homes are your place to just relax after a long time; a space that you can be comfortable in. And ideal temperature factors as an important requirement for it. But trouble starts brewing when the atmosphere is humid and wet that leaves you feeling sticky. No one likes clothes sticking to the skin, making it difficult to settle down.

And the problems just do not stop at that. Humid houses are the breeding ground of mold which invites bugs and pests. All these issues can be easily solved. What you require is just a dehumidifier! It can easily remove the moisture clinging to the air and give you fresh and dry air. 

But then it raises the question: Which one should I buy? Rest assured. We have reviewed some of the whole house dehumidifiers and picked out the best ones available just for you!

Types of Whole House Dehumidifiers

Before jumping into our list of best whole-home dehumidifiers, let us differentiate between the two types of whole-home humidifiers that you pick from:

Big ducted whole-house dehumidifiers

Big ducted whole-house dehumidifiers have been built using an HVAC system, implying high dehumidification capacity. It guarantees to adjust the humidity in the house evenly. Although they tend to be in the upper limit of the prices – ranging around $1500 – they provide services that match it. A single dehumidifier can cover the entire house from the basement to the attics, so you don’t have to invest in multiple. 

Smaller portable dehumidifiers

These dehumidifiers are small and just knee-high in height; given their build, they are easily portable and can be taken to the required room. The entire house can be effectively dehumidified by taking various rooms, although the process will take quite a long time. They are super cheap, generally ranging from around $200 to $300. But to achieve the same level of efficiency as big ducted dehumidifiers, you need at least three to four working simultaneously.

How do you know if you need a whole-house dehumidifier?

You can spot the cues that your house needs a dehumidifier quite easily. If any of the following is evident, then it is time to invest in a whole-house dehumidifier. 

Bad smell in the air

One of the most obvious signs would be a musty and foul odor in the air. They usually emerge when mold or mildew starts growing on your walls, ceilings, or doors. They thrive in humid environments and leave almost permanent stains on places of growth. If this problem is there in several rooms, then it is advisable to go for a big ducted dehumidifier rather than several small ones. 

Condensation on the walls or glasses

If you start noticing condensation or fog on your walls or window glasses, then it means that your house has a high humidity level. If you leave the issue without rectifying asap, it can become the breeding ground for mold and mildews. 


Are your allergies suddenly acting up? This might be a sign to get a dehumidifier. Humidity houses a lot of health problems, and mold that grows, as a result, can be especially harmful. And if you don’t resolve this issue by buying a dehumidifier soon enough, it can lead to some fatal diseases. 

Appearance of mold

If you can already see mold growing across your house, then you need to buy the dehumidifier asap! The appearance of mold means that the problem has persisted for a long time and can mean the consequences can be harmful to your health and your house.


High humidity can be very uncomfortable. Your clothes would constantly wet, and your skin would be itchy. When it’s hot, you’ll have sweat to cool you when it dries eventually, but when the humidity is high, the perspiration never dries, which would leave your skin wet and sticky. It’s best to get rid of this problem using a dehumidifier!

Things to consider while choosing a whole-house dehumidifier

While buying a dehumidifier, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. They are part of your investment, and it is best to pick one that suits you the best while also lasting long! Here are some considerations to buy the best whole-home dehumidifier:

Coverage Area

The first thing (and definitely the most important) is to consider how much area the dehumidifier would cover. If you want to cover the entire house, from top to bottom, then a big ducted dehumidifier would be the best choice. And if you require only a couple of rooms then go for the small portable dehumidifier.

Quality of build

As said, a dehumidifier is an investment that needs to last quite a while, there is absolutely no point in buying again and again. So, the build quality is the one thing you definitely need to consider. You need to be sure that the dehumidifier is of good quality and would last you years. Also, make sure to check the warranty period of the dehumidifier. 

Works at low temperatures

While buying the best whole-home dehumidifier you also need to keep in mind that on top of the dehumidifying house it also needs to raise the temp and make the house nice and warm. There is a desiccant dehumidifier that would work best under these conditions. Other dehumidifiers generally tend to stop working under certain temperatures but these continue to work until the desirable temp. 

Automatic restart

Getting up to start the dehumidifier, again and again, can be a real hassle. When you just want to stay in one place comfortably with a dehumidifier starting up on its own, it is best to go with one that comes with the system of auto restart (they are a little on the higher end but the features are worth it).

Automatic drainage

Be it whole house or portable they tend to generate quite an amount of drainage water in them. So be sure to get one that would automatically drain itself rather than a manual one as dehumidifiers stop working when the water level becomes high. It can be a chore to drain all the time so automatic draining dehumidifiers are the best option. 

Benefits of a whole-house dehumidifier

Besides dehumidifying the house dehumidifier also comes with various benefits:


The most obvious advantage of a whole-house dehumidifier over a portable dehumidifier would be the dehumidification of the entire house at the same time, without the need of taking the dehumidifier to every room. The whole house dehumidifier works with the HVAC system and takes the humid air and transfers dehumidified air through the vents to the entire house. This implies that a single dehumidifier would be able to give dry air to all the bedrooms, kitchen, attic, basement, and any other place that it has been attached to.  

Prevents the growth of mold

Another benefit that comes with whole-house dehumidifiers would be the prevention of mold. It only takes some amount of humidity for the mold to start growing. A slight change in the temperature and humidity is all it takes for mold to appear. What a dehumidifier would do is to keep the environment dry so that mold does not find favorable conditions to grow. 

Keeps the bugs away

Where there’s mold there are bugs. They attract certain types of bugs that multiply in the presence of mold. Besides being annoying, these bugs and insects can also cause health problems especially for people who have allergies. By employing a dehumidifier you can reduce the chances of mold growth and in turn keeping these bugs at bay. 

Our Top Picks for Best Whole House Dehumidifiers

1. Waykar 2000 Sq. feet dehumidifier 


It is amongst the best whole-house dehumidifiers that promise to spread dry air within the entire house within minutes. It is equipped with a 112 CFM system, with an impressive compressive that can remove almost 34 pints of moisture in just a day. It has an automated system that switches on and off according to the requirement; the smart sensors always keep the humidity within the desired 45-55% level. Its automatic system also switches off during power outages and switches back on its own. 

The smart system also comes with adjustable fan speed and a timer that can be set to any required time. An alarm to indicate when the storage is full also comes with it. And it also does all of this while being energy efficient i.e. it consumes less amount of energy and lowers your bill cost. It is fairly quiet too and would most likely not wake you up during the night. 

It is cost-effective as well. It has a warranty of 1 year and full lifetime tech support so you won’t ever have to worry about extra costs on repair.


  • Automatic switch system
  • Storage alarm
  • The capacity tank of 0.66 gallon 
  • Complete rotating wheels
  • 6.56 feet hose 


  • Leakage problems

2. Kesnos 70 pint dehumidifier 


Kesnos is a pretty and sleek-looking dehumidifier that has the capacity of removing an impressive 70 pints in a day. It is very efficient and powerful and has a strong compressor and 112 CFM system. It can easily cover areas of 4500 sq. ft. that is suitable from middle to large rooms. Although it does not come with an automatic on and off system it does have a timer according to your required timings; an alternative can be to set it to your ideal humidity rate and run it for 24 hours continuously and after the tank is full it’ll shut off. 

Humidity control is easy too where the dehumidifier can be left with the ideal moisture setting and it’ll maintain it throughout its run time. 

If clean air is a requirement then this might be perfect for you! The presence of an air filter ensures that the air coming out of it is completely clean and healthy. The ergonomically designed handles and 360-degree rotating wheels ensure that the dehumidifier is portable and easy to carry around. 


  • Very quiet operations
  • 6.56 feet drain hose
  • The water tank of 1.18 gallons
  • Affordable prices


  • Not energy efficient

3. Aprilaire 1850 dehumidifier 


The Aprilaire 1850 95-pint dehumidifier is everything that you can ask for in a dehumidifier and more. It is an efficient, good-looking, powerful motor while also having excellent design elements. Need we say more? It has the capability of extracting up to 12 gallons of moisture out of the air in a single day. And despite having this enhanced performance in comparison to other dehumidifiers it is an energy saver with minimal electricity requirement. You can attach it to your HVAC system or use it as an individual device.

Again, this dehumidifier has an automatic system that determines the amount of moisture in the air and works accordingly. It is a very low-maintenance machine that doesn’t require much from you. Except for occasional check-ups to see the state and cleaning of the drain port yearly, there isn’t much required from your side. 

It can be a bit noisy and its huge frame can cause installation problems but with the benefits, it comes with you can easily forget them!


  • Easy to read controls
  • 5-year warranty
  • Automatic system
  • Practically no maintenance


  • Bulky
  • Requires professional installment
  • Noisy

4. Vremi 50 pint dehumidifier 


Vremi 50 pint dehumidifier is a slim device with a minimal space requirement. If you have a space issue then this might be the one for you! It is equipped with a 4-gallon water tank that can handle 22 pints of moisture in a single day and is suited for rooms no bigger than 1000 sq. feet. The humidity level is easily adjustable and is set to the required level. It is extremely lightweight and is easy to install and carry around. It has been built with an ergonomic design with 360 degree rotating wheels.

The most unique feature of this dehumidifier would be its two different dehumidification settings. As called High air turbo CM 138 and Normal air CFM 129, they are modes to change the speed settings. High air is for when the air has a lot of moisture that needs to be removed while Normal air is best suited for when the air is mostly free of moisture. 

On top of that, the dehumidifier comes with a removable air filter that filters the air quite thoroughly and ensures that it is fresh and healthy to breathe. 

Cleaning it is fairly easy as well. You can either drain the removable tank or opt to use the attached hose that will continuously drain it without any sort of intervention. There is also a turbo mode that can works the fan at its maximum efficiency so it is recommended for when there is a lot of humidity and you want immediate results. 


  • 24-hour operation settings
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • 1-year warranty
  • Slim and lightweight


  • Have to buy a drainage hose separately
  • Only a 1.6-gallon water tank

5. Waykar 155 Pint dehumidifier 


If you are looking for a dehumidifier that can easily dehumidify a large open space with ease then this is a perfect choice. It does all the job that a dehumidifier does with its features of a humidistat and a timer.

What makes this dehumidifier unique is the presence of an external sensor to measure humidity. The sensor is equipped with a 16-inch long cord that is plugged into the dehumidifier which can then be placed anywhere that you require. This implies that you are free to control the humidity in the space that the dehumidifier isn’t physically located in. 

Although the one thing missing from this dehumidifier is the default condensation pump. It is required to be bought as a separate entity. That means that you can either direct the hose downwards so that it goes down instead of spilling about or you always buy an external component.

It is a very budget unit that can give you trouble in the future. The manual provided is pretty vague and not helpful in dealing with issues. It is cheap and affordable but if you are looking for a long-lasting dehumidifier then it is advised to look for another!


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Works for a huge place
  • External humidity sensor
  • 155 pints in a day


  • Does not come with a condensation pump
  • Troubleshooting is hard

FAQ Section

Can one dehumidifier work for a whole house?

Whole-house dehumidifiers have been made for this exact reason! They employ the help of an HVAC system and take the humid air from the house and dispel dry air through the vents. If all the rooms that require the dehumidifier effect need to have a vent and then the dry air can easily reach them.

How much does it cost to install a whole-house humidifier?

There are a lot of factors that influence the cost of a whole-house dehumidifier like the labor and installation cost, service time, model, etc. But they generally range between $800-$1000.

What is a ducted whole-home dehumidifier?

As the name suggests it’s a ducted dehumidifier that works for the entire house by making use of ducts or vents of the HVAC system to spread dry air throughout. It removes the moisture from the ducts themselves, unlike the portable ones that remove it from the atmosphere. 

Why should we buy Energy Star certified models?

Energy Star is a certification program voluntarily carried out by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The dehumidifier is marked with energy star guarantees to save power and energy. This implies that it would take less electricity, thus reducing your bills. 

Are whole house dehumidifiers noisy?

Dehumidifiers do tend to create noise while they are at work. But if you require one that makes relatively less noise then you should look for dehumidifiers that come with 2 or more fan settings. There are certain models that promise you whisper-quiet operations but even then you should make some noise. Be sure to check the noise produced by dehumidifiers as it can have a crucial effect on your daily life.  

What is the best whole house dehumidifier without ducts?

For the houses that do not have air conditioners, there are plenty of options available in the market. Out of all the choices available, we would recommend going for a Vremi dehumidifier.

Bottom Line

Now that you are familiar with the best whole-house dehumidifiers in the market go on pick one for yourselves. Remember, all these dehumidifiers are unique in themselves serving some kind of purpose and requirement. Be sure to pick one that best suits your needs!

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